Friday, May 8, 2015


On Friday, May 1, 2015, Our classrooms enjoyed a beautiful picnic lunch outside with our families! The weather was perfect! Our children enjoyed turkey and cheese rolls and fruit. Our parent's enjoyed chicken wraps and chips. We were so happy that there were several parent's that were able to take their lunch break with us, and play with their children after they ate!

Our Preschool one class enjoying their lunch! 

One of our toddler and her parents! She was one very happy little girl to have her parents spend lunch time with her.

Another toddler friend enjoyed eating his mom's chips! 

Ms. Kaye and Ms. Jessica were also enjoying the picnic with two of the toddler friends! After the children were finished eating they got up and played. 

Ms. Shanice and a couple of her friends played after lunch on the merry-go-round after they finished their lunch! 

Pre-K friend enjoyed the beautiful day, along with the class pet...Oreo! All of the back building friends thought it was so cool to eat lunch outside!

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