Monday, June 10, 2013

Camper John Visits Holly Tree!

This week at Holly Tree, our theme is A Day At The Lake. We are studying outdoor safety, things we can do in the woods and around the lake, camping and more!

Today, Camper John came to visit us! He talked to us about being safe while hiking and camping and even showed us a lot of his cool outdoor equipment!

Camper John let his new Friends reach into his bag and see all kinds of things he had to go on his outdoor excursion! Here are some of the things the children found:

Brayden found a case that keeps items safe from water and the rain!

Bennett got to use some of Camper John's trekking gear!

Jailen can hike in the dark hands free with a flashlight on his head!

Reese is now safe in the woods wearing a bright color.

Taylor got to practice fishing!

We all had a lot of fun outside today. Thanks Camper John!