Thursday, July 27, 2017

PreK Graduation!

We are so blessed to have another great graduation at Holly Tree Christian! We started the night with an opening prayer and then the future kindergarteners waltzed in one by with their cool shades on! They each received a classroom award then they got to walk across the stage & get their diploma!
They sang and danced and had a blast together. We followed the evening with food, bubbles, goodie bags & of course cake and lemonade! Thank you for the hard work and dedication of Ms. Shanice & Ms. Dorothy! Great job friends we know you will do great with the future we have shaped! Keep your faith strong and thank God everyday!



Friday, July 14, 2017

Preparing for Holly Tree Graduation!

The children of Holly Tree are decorating their caps for graduation tonight. It's such a sweet and emotional time for the parents and teachers when they get to help see them off to kindergarten. They all have worked very hard even before Pre-K and bootcamp, to master the art of sharing, coordination, listening, learning respect, gaining strength and the being introduced to our faith based curriculum. We are so proud of our sweet graduates and we can't wait to see you tonight!

Monday, July 10, 2017

A visit from Brentwood Police Department!

At Holly Tree Christian we have been talking about heroes all summer and today our friend Mrs. Bagwell came to our school to talk about the importance of safety, how and when to call 911, what to do if an intruder is present, and what to do during a fire emergency. The kids had lots of questions and were very intrigued. They told us their own emergency stories too.

She showed us all of her police officer tools and even let us see her shiny patrol car. The police car had many sirens and lights that they got to look at. The children and staff were very grateful to the Brentwood Police Department for taking time to come visit and teach us about the law and how to be a safe citizen. After she left they all said they wanted to be a police officer! Thanks so much Mrs. Bagwell for being such a great leader and inspiration in our community!