Friday, January 31, 2014

Family Fun!

   It is so important for us to get together with our parents and have some fun! One event that we have recently hosted was our annual Chili Cook Off. Parents were invited to bring their favorite chili recipes and taste test each contribution. Our chili cook-off winner is Krystal Lewis! Krystal is the mother of Layla in our Toddler classroom. Krystal won a red hot gift basket with lots of yummy candy! Thanks for letting us try your delicious chili! Congratulations!

   On Thursday, January 30th, we hosted our Super Bowl Tailgate Party. Families were invited to wear their favorite jerseys and join us in games, food, and prizes! We had a bean bag throw, a target toss, and a corn hole game! We enjoyed chicken wings, pretzels, dip, and cocktail wienies. We gave away stickers, footballs, and gift cards. It was so great to see everyone and get a chance to hang out and have some fun!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

 Is it a Cold or the Flu?

    With cold and flu season upon us, it is important that we are aware of the differences between a cold or the flu. Here is a breakdown that help us differentiate between the two:

Cold: Fevers and headaches are rare. Exhaustion is not usual. General aches, pains, fatigue and weakness are sometimes present. More common symptoms include stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, and a mild cough.

Flu: Fevers are usually high. Headaches are common. General aches, pains, fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, and coughing are usual and possibly severe.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Block Challenge Winners!

    Educator Caroline Pratt developed the unit block in the early 1900s. The unit block is a staple in early childhood education classrooms. In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the unit block, all 10 schools in our company were challenged to come up with creative activities that would promote and extend block play. We are proud to announce that we are the winners of our company's First Annual Block Challenge! Here are some of the activities we participated in:

Our toddlers were invited to build with soft blocks and use toilet paper roll people to extend their block play. Each child received a personalized block person! 

 In Pre-K, the children were invited to build a block maze. Using a straw and a ping pong ball, the children were also invited to navigate the maze!

 Pre-K also used unit blocks to measure their friends! Each child lied down on the floor while other children measured that child in blocks. The children counted how many blocks long their friends are, compared, and recorded the information.

Preschool 3 and Pre-K worked together using assorted materials such as seashells, fabrics, pebbles, and pine cones to create with unit blocks!

What a fun way to build onto our learning!

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