Monday, February 27, 2017

Guess How Many?!

We are talking about Precious Pets this week, and what a better way to kick off the week than by having a family guessing game! Do you think that you can guess how many dog treats are in this jar? We will be announcing the lucky family on Wednesday as well as the prize! See if you guess correctly...the amount along with a picture of the winner will be featured in our next post!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Toddler Prayer

The toddlers are learning about faith and learning a new classroom prayer which will help start each and every day with a great start! Even though they may not be able to recite it right now, Ms. Sara is using repetition to help them learn the prayer. With the repetition, Ms. Sara is hoping to instill peace, confidence and understanding that they are safe and loved at Holly Tree! Read their prayer below...

Dear Jesus
Please show me to how to spend this day sharing your love along the way
Help me to be kind to everyone
To play and laugh and have lots of fun
Shining your light and giving your grace
Sharing your joy with a smile on my face

Do you and your family have any traditions or prayers? We would love to hear about them!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Creating Art

We love to incorporate the different learning developments into a day of fun and learning! Here are some kiddos showcasing some art projects and we are also celebrating black history month!

Pre-K is making Valentine Mailboxes to celebrate Paul L. Downing for inventing the mailbox!

In our Spanish class, they are talking about Africa. Each child made an el collar (necklace) using art and fine motor skills!

Even the toddlers LOVE using their hands to create!

We talked about Garrett Morgan for inventing the traffic light!

What can you make with glue and paper shapes?

Artist in the making!

Working on matching colors!

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Monday, February 6, 2017

More Learning through Play

We love capturing the mind of a child while at work or play! At Holly Tree we strive not only to make this a fun experience while at school, but ultimately a learning experience as well. We adopted our "learn through play" motto and utilize that throughout the day! Whether it be at circle time with the toddlers or self exploration with the older children, we are learning and growing each day! Below the teachers have taken pictures of some of our academics and captioned the pictures so you can get a glimpse into the life of a Holly Tree child!

Adelyn is using the letter puzzle to do capital letter matching.

Lydia is using fine motor skills to build a log cabin using the Lincoln Logs from the manipulative as center. In Pre K we are getting ready for Presidents Day

Toddler learning letters at Circle time through songs and fun

Matching colors/pictures with a floor puzzle, utilizing trial and error.

Digging and filling buckets with sand.

Using our ears to identifying animal sounds during JAM (Jesus and Me)

Today they learned that Mr. Fish needs water to live & has fins to help him swim around.

Wesley, Campbell and Madilyn are pictured here learning how to use stamps. They are using paint instead of ink. Paint is more malleable than ink, so they are learning different ways to manipulate their material; for instance, they now know that different amounts of paint make a different imprint on their paper. Paint also makes it possible to print with homemade stamps, like the toilet paper roll heart. This activity is also great for fine motor practice; it helps them build muscles in their fingers which will facilitate writing later in their academic career.

While holding cups for Ms. Shanice, the girls got creative and made the letter H for Holly Tree!