Sunday, May 31, 2015

Water Works Week!

May 26th- 29th was Water Works Week at HTB! During this time, the teachers were encouraged to put special activities into place that involved water! As a school, we hosted two fun events this week that had our children BUZZING about water! First, we held a Kiddie Car Wash! The teachers and children gathered buckets, scrubbers, sponges and other cleaning tools to give our outside cars a good scrubbin'! Secondly, we kicked off the Summer with our first Water Day! The children had a blast getting soaked in our zany sprinklers and even had a good laugh getting some of our teachers wet as well! Here is a peek at the fun: 

3,2,1..... GO! Preschool Two takes off towards the sprinklers as water begins to shoot into the sky!

Preschool One is scrub-a-dub-dubbin' down our outside trucks! Great teamwork!

Preschool Two enjoyed jumping through the sprinklers and running away from the water laughing!

One friend from Preschool One takes her time to give our truck some extra shine during our Kiddie Car Wash!

Another friend from Preschool One, uses a spongy scrubber to help clean a truck while his friend searches for more scrubbers in the bucket.

Preschool Three takes advantage our this sunny afternoon by running through the water with friends and using buckets and other tools to "catch" the water!

Preschool One friends are LOVING our Kiddie Car Wash! We have a group of future master cleaners right here!:)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pre-K Prom!

On Thursday, May 22nd we invited our Pre-K classroom and their families to celebrate the end of our school year with us at Pre-K Prom! Our theme this year was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." This colorful event was jam packed with activities, fun h'orderves and dancing!

Rainbow streamers lined the doors as we entered our PreK room through this colorful entryway!

What's a party without food?! We had an h'orderve bar stocked with rainbow goodness!... What was on the menu?? rainbow sushi, rainbow balls, rainbow jell-O cups, and rainbow juice with colorful crazy straws! Bon' appetit!

Our families gathered to take part in the festivities!

One of our PreK friends stopped at our "Sticker Station" to create a colorful masterpiece!

Our children were also encouraged to make "Rainbow Art." We gathered canvases, colorful glitter paint, smocks and paint brushes to creatively complete these works of art!

At our "Friendship Bracelet Station," the children grabbed a buddy and made rainbow jewelry to share with their friends!

Time to get down and boogie on our bubble dance floor!

These siblings pause to take a photo in our fun photo booth!

Our families just loved using out colorful crops to create awesome memories:)

One of our friends in PreK is sure to make a friendship bracelet for his mom! How sweet of him!

These two students and great friends are having a blast:)

Get ready for Twister! What a ball we had watching our children "Twist" as they try to put their hands and feet on the correct colors!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

5th Annual Mud Day!!!

On Wednesday, May 20th, Holly Tree hosted our 5th annual Mud Day! We had our mud clothes on and we were ready to get messy! Our children participated in several mud stations; in the first station, we had a "mud bakery," where the children were invited to use pie tins, cupcake tins and other baking tools to make mud pies and other messy creations. At the second mud station, we invited the children to garden using shovels, flowers and mud of course! The third mud station consisted of sifters, measuring cups, funnels and a whole lot of mud!

A friend from Ms. Shanice and Ms. Andria's  Preschool Three classroom is proud to show us his muddy hands!

Look at Preschool Two! Digging Away!

One friend from Ms. April and Ms. Nicole's class quietly digs and plants a mud garden!

Another friend from Preschool Two helps her friend to finish planting flowers.

A child from our Toddler room was not afraid to experience mud day to the fullest!

Ms. Molly and Ms. Angie's Preschool One class is happy to participate in the fun!

This photo was taken before our sweet friend in the Toddler classroom conquered mud day.........

....... And this photo was taken after she conquered mud day!!

Mud bakery fun in the Toddler classroom!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Tea! 

On Friday, May 8, 2015, we celebrated Mother's Day! Each of the children had a special gift they made for their mom to open. The mother's enjoyed Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade, cookies, danishes, and muffin's. We love celebrating our parent's any chance that we get! We can not wait till next time! 

A mom enjoyed reading a book with her daughter. After they finished a book the mom opened her gift that her daughter had made. 

This Mom enjoyed reading also! Her little boy and another friend sat close to hear the story. 

In Preschool 2 some mom's enjoyed sitting at the children's table, while other's sat a the adult table with their child on their lap. 

All the mom's had a really great time hanging out in their child's classroom. Some also enjoyed playing and reading to the children. 

We even had a couple of our nursery mom's stop in to celebrate! 

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Friday, May 8, 2015


On Friday, May 1, 2015, Our classrooms enjoyed a beautiful picnic lunch outside with our families! The weather was perfect! Our children enjoyed turkey and cheese rolls and fruit. Our parent's enjoyed chicken wraps and chips. We were so happy that there were several parent's that were able to take their lunch break with us, and play with their children after they ate!

Our Preschool one class enjoying their lunch! 

One of our toddler and her parents! She was one very happy little girl to have her parents spend lunch time with her.

Another toddler friend enjoyed eating his mom's chips! 

Ms. Kaye and Ms. Jessica were also enjoying the picnic with two of the toddler friends! After the children were finished eating they got up and played. 

Ms. Shanice and a couple of her friends played after lunch on the merry-go-round after they finished their lunch! 

Pre-K friend enjoyed the beautiful day, along with the class pet...Oreo! All of the back building friends thought it was so cool to eat lunch outside!

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