Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look At These Characters!!!

     On Wednesday, February 26th, Holly Tree celebrated National Fairy Tale Day! We asked our parents to help our children dress up in their finest fairy tale attire and boy did our parents deliver some cuties to school that morning! We read books and discussed fairy tales, old & new! We love to use our imaginations and tell stories! Who doesn't enjoy playing dress up? I know we sure do:)
 Ms. Snow White AKA Lillian Westbrook of our Toddler Room, was happy to show off her adorable fairy tale costume!
 Zane Frank decided to be Jack from Jack & Jill. When asked where Jill was he pointed up & said "I don't know." Definitely the cutest Jack we have ever seen! 
 Zoey Frank portrayed Little Red Riding Hood decked out in the finest accessories. We love the hood & her fabulous outfit, not to mention the cute basket! I think even the wolf would crack a smile at this one!
 With that long blonde hair it was pretty easy to guess who Prek's own Abby Thacker was dressing up to be on Wednesday. That's right, Rapunzel! 
And this Princess? Anna Claire Harrison of Preschool Two on an ordinary day, Princess Tiana on this extraordinary day at Holly Tree!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Souper" Staff Members!

    There are not enough words to describe how much we appreciate our teachers. Not only are they educators & caregivers, they are mediators, counselors, nurses, comedians, musicians, detectives, nutritionists, photographers, and that is just to name a few! A pat-on-the- back and a huge thank you to all of our teachers for everything you do for our sweet children. Here is a small surprise to brighten up your day!


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Party Day!

  On Friday, February 14th, our hearts were full of love and our tummies were full of Valentine treats! The children were spreading love and happiness all day to their friends while they were passing out their Valentines and treats to one another. Each class also found their own way to celebrate. Some classes made fancy Valentine bags and boxes to hold their special love notes from each other. Other classes decorated special sugar cookies to celebrate this love-filled holiday. Parents were invited to join in the festivities! Check out the fun:

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Day in the Life of Our Nurseries

    We are so excited to have the opportunity to welcome lots of new friends in Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Makenya's Nursery Classrooms! Have you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a Nursery friend might look like? Well after some extensive documenting, I am happy to share with you just that! So without further delay, here is a typical day in our nursery classrooms:   (WARNING: The following contents may force you to smile & make googly eyes at your computer screen!)

Our friends start out there day with a quick hug & kiss from mom or dad before they are placed in the loving care of our Nursery Teachers:)

We have a very diverse group of friends with a variety of different needs. It is so important to us to give each of our children individual attention, therefore, some days are started off with some much needed cuddle time!

Other friends might be feeling very sleepy...... :)

Some of our precious little ones may need their diapers changed (we love Ms. Jennifer's enthusiasm!!)

Some of our friends may also be ready to eat!

Another thing you can count on is that we will keep these sweeties busy! It is so important to give infants the opportunity to explore their environments. We work on building cognitive, language, and creative arts skills daily!

 It isn't always all work and no play! We do have a tenancy to let loose and have a good time just being together!

    For those of you that are new to our Holly Tree Family and to those of you that have been with us, welcome to our family. Your little ones truly do brighten up each of our days and we appreciate every moment spent with them and all of our children here at Holly Tree.

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