Monday, July 8, 2019

Movement Week

Psalms 30:11-
You have turned my mourning into dancing, 
You have turned my sorrow into joy! 

We are so grateful that we get to spend so much time with these beautiful kids who love moving and dancing and that they have been given the ability to do so! Let us always remember what a huge blessing it is! 

This week is all about moving! We are so excited to explore all of the different things that we can do when we move! We are fully embracing learning through play and celebrating the fact that our bodies can move so freely! 

Let us take this week to really pay attention to how much our kids move and to try and embrace all of the times they are trying to explore, because... that's learning! 

Our Nursery one and two friends did some tummy time today! We also made sure that we played lots of music and danced around with them! These little ones LOVE to move and are always so anxious for the next thing, they crave their independence and it is very evident in how quickly they are trying to sit up, crawl, and then walk! 

Our transition friends made sure to get out early this morning and move around on the playground as much as they could before it got too warm! They tried out different sized slides and talked about how your legs move you to get up the stairs and then you sit and the slide moves you down! We are working hard with them on cleaning up after yourself and also other friends! They are truly making strides in this, I'm so proud of them!

Toddler one & two set up four different sensory bins today and explored what each one felt like with your hand moving through it! Then Ms. Chericka & Ms. Kristin brought in different sized cups and bowls to see how easy it was to move each different substance! They loved playing with the sand and water (of course) and didn't really understand what they were supposed to do with rocks. 😄

Preschool One had a very busy day today! Ms. Laura was determined to have them move in as many different ways as possible! She set up the sensory water table and gave them objects to explore with the water, then she gave each child a canvas and paints and allowed them to use their hands as paint brushes and see the results of moving your hands in different directions across the paper. 

Preschool two had an amazing movement day today! Ms. Adrian kicked off the morning with a discussion on what it meant to move! Then she did a demonstration on listen and move (I think maybe it was Simon says.... never can be sure!) 
They then took off to the track and had a class wide race! Ms. Adrian even agreed and joined in on the racing. I'll let your kids tell you the results of that one, she's still a little bit sore over it! 😂

Pre K did a wonderful job and the kids can not stop talking about it! They had three legged races and all worked so well together!! They are so quick to respond to Ms. Shanice and I love watching them reap the reward of having their listening ears turned on! It always results in something very fun and they're already asking when we can do another three legged race! 

Tomorrow is our Dress up like a cow day which was adopted from Chic Fil A because if you are dressed like a cow you get free chic fil a! (pass that on!)
Later this week we have a balancing demonstration from Ms. Bea which we are so excited about. 

Next week is our math week and we have a lot of fun things coming up for that!!

I hope you guys have an amazing week and please let me know if you need anything!