Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bricks for Kids 

Yesterday, we had Bricks for Kids here at Holly Tree of Brentwood for a fun visit! They visited our Pre-Kindergarten classroom and worked on their pre-math skills with them! They did such an awesome job, and the kids didn't even know they were learning! They built an ice cream cone, and a ship, and practiced their patterning! The kids had such a good time with them! Here is a recap of all the fun we had with Bricks for Kids! 

The children got to choose two colors and practice their patterning!

Hunter had a great time building a rocket ship! 

Kylee was super proud of the spaceship that she built! 

They brought the biggest bag of legos that we have ever seen! 

Kaelyn was concentrating very hard on putting the finishing touches on her spaceship! 

Lyla is all smiles from her visit with Bricks for Kids!

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