Monday, June 2, 2014

Toddlers Make A Splash! 

We had our First Water Day of the summer on Friday! There were two different sprinklers on the playground for the children. One of the sprinklers was a big "O" shape and you could jump in the middle.  The other was a straight hose with sprayers coming out in every direction! Boy, did they put them to good use! Our Toddler classroom had a blast playing in the water and getting soaked! Check out the pictures below in case you missed out on the fun!  

Layla looked so cute in her summer hat! She also enjoyed reaching for the sprayers and turning them in different directions!

Eva loved jumping over the sprayer and then clapping her hands! 

Charlie absolutely loved the "O" shaped sprinkler! He clapped his hands together in the water and laughed at the funny sound it made! 

Our Toddler friends loved jumping over the sprinkler and putting their hands in the water!

Alyssa had the biggest smile on her face when she saw the sprinklers on the playground. She was the first one to dive into all of the water fun! 

Quinn enjoyed jumping over the "O" shaped sprinkler and then taking a break in the middle of it! She wore herself out with all that running!

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