Monday, June 16, 2014

Donuts with Dad

On Friday, June 13th, we had our Donuts with Dad Family Event. The children were so excited to see the donuts waiting for them when they got school, and they were even more excited to see that their dads would be joining them for a yummy breakfast! We had powdered donuts, chocolate donuts, eclairs, milk and orange juice. Here is a recap in case you missed all the fun!
Arden and her dad enjoyed some morning snuggle time!

Obi and his dad were all smiles after eating such a delicious breakfast!

Our Toddler friends certainly enjoyed their donuts and cereal! 

Kelsey and her dad enjoyed a fun story after breakfast!

Ethan and his dad enjoyed their special time together eating donuts and cereal! 

Will and his dad were so excited to eat some donuts and yummy pastries! 

There were donuts, and pastries, and orange juice...oh my!

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