Friday, June 19, 2020

Camp Holly Tree 2020

"Everywhere we go, (echoed) Everywhere we go,
People wanna know, (echoed) People wanna know,
Who we are, (echoed) Who we are,
So we tell them (echoed) So we tell them,
We are Camp Holly Tree! (echoed) We are Camp Holly Tree!
Mighty, mighty Camp Holly Tree! (echoed) Might, mighty Camp Holly Tree!"

Ok, ok, those may not be the original lyrics but we sure had an awesome week this week at Camp Holly Tree! We made campfires and told campfire stories. We made tents out of natural materials. Made s'mores. And don't forget all the cool art that we did all week. 

Let's take a peek!

Let's make fire! Well a pretend fire...

We made a tent using sticks and branches and leaves and had an awesome scavenger hunts!

 And at every camp we go to, there is always

One of the best thing about camp, are the treats!


No matter what camp you go to, here at Camp Holly Tree, you will always make 
great friends and great memories!