Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Fun Activities!

We had such a great summer! Thank you so much to all our special guests and especially to the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Squad and Police Department. You all are such heroes in these children's eyes!

We had a student scientist visit and teach the kids how to make slime and let them play with sticky glue!

Nate the Great taught us how to build a little ark like Noah, and sent us home with wooden Home Depot projects! I bet they turned out great!

Mrs. Kelly is an author that came to read a special book to our class. She even donated one to every room!

Snodgrass & King came last week to show the children how to brush their teeth! They thought the dinosaur was so cool!

Tomorrow Mr. Bruce Amato, the magician, will be here to share his magic about kindness to each other, he may even bring his special bunny Maybeline!

Special thanks to Baxter the Box turtle for crossing the road safely 4 separate times, Sally the blue tailed skink who let us touch her tail, Silly the Cicada for living in the big plastic jar for 2 weeks, and Frolly the tree frog for showing us how frogs swim and jump! Honorable mention goes to Charlotte the spider and Centi the centipede in PS1. We wouldn't have had a fun summer learning about Science without all of you visiting our school!