Friday, June 30, 2017

The importance of manipulatives!

Using manipulatives in a classroom promotes several different lessons:

Sorting & ordering is a pre-mathematical skill that aids in comprehension of patterns and functions and enhances number sense and other math related abilities.

Distinguishing patterns creates the foundation for making mathematical generalizations,
recognizing geometric shapes and understanding relationships among them.

Children enjoy using measurements, both non-standard and standard units with application to both two and three-dimensional objects and understanding the base-ten system of numbers.

When comprehending mathematical operations such as  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division children begin recognizing relationships among the mathematical operations.

This experience with exploring and describing spatial relationships help to identify and describe different types of symmetry, develop and utilize spatial memory, learn about and experiment with transformations and engage in problem-solving.

 Using manipulatives help to represent mathematical ideas in a variety of ways teaching children to
connect different concepts in mathematics and communicate mathematical ideas effectively, plus they have fun too!

                  The children of Pre-K planted flowers for God and used their sorting and fine motor  skills to plant these in our playground garden planter!

                            Sorting skittles, and using them to paint with!