Monday, March 13, 2017

DIY Light Box

We LOVE a DIY craft! We were talking about the first days of creation, and when God made light. We thought, what better wat to represent that than with a home made light box! Check out how easy it was and how much the kiddos loved it below!

Items you will need:
-Clear Container/Box with a clear lid
-Aluminum Foil
-Wax Paper or White Tissue Paper
-Christmas Lights (White)
-Clear Packing Tape

How to Make the Light Box:
-Line the box with aluminum foil.
-Put the lights inside of the box (but leave part of the cord out to plug in)
-Tape the wax paper to the underneath of the clear top.
-Close and lock the lid to the box

You have a DIY light box! What can you do with a light box? You can trace letters or numbers, look at X-Rays, or as some of the Pre-K friends did, they looked at the bug cards from the science center under the light! (Can you tell we are all excited about spring?;)

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