Sunday, January 10, 2016

Smiling Faces Will Brighten Your Day!

When your day is busy or you may seem overwhelmed, and you walk into a classroom and you are greeted with hello's, smiles, and sometimes giggles, it will make everything fade. There is something so precious about the laughter of a child, whether young or older. This week we were able to capture some of those sweet smiling faces!    

What's not to love about this picture? This is one of our Nursery One friends and it was her second week with us! She is loving every minute of her new friends and teachers!

One of our Nursery Two friends is enjoying playing with the musical standing toy!

Another Nursery Two friend that is on the move and there is no stopping her!

This sweet Nursery One friend had her first full week of school, and what did she have to say about it? She was all Smiles!

This sweet Transitional friend was enjoying playing with the blocks and the school bus. He would place the block in the bus, and then take it out again.

On Monday's we have music and movement that starts with our Transitional classroom! Their favorite song is "Clap your hands for Jesus". Once you start singing the song most all of the children will clap their hands! They love their music time with Ms. Janelle!

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