Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Fun!

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, our classrooms enjoyed a Easter egg hunt! All classrooms where very "egg"cited, there were also a few parents that showed up to enjoy the egg hunt with their children.

One of our PS3 Friends was on the move trying to fill his bag up with eggs, before his friends made it too the eggs.  

Another PS3 friend was on the hunt for eggs filled with toy's and treats!

One of our Pre-K friends got a surprise visit...His mom! He was very excited when she showed up, and helped him with the hunt! 

 PS1 friends were on another playground. This friend was making sure he picked up the eggs he walked pasted, while his other friends were running, passing up eggs he was busy picking up the eggs that were left behind up!

Our younger friends were not very sure about picking up the eggs on the ground, but once they saw there was stuff inside the eggs they became very happy! 

Everyone was looking to make sure they had not missed one single egg, even if it meant jumping!  

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